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There’s a unique terror that accompanies that first flight with a baby. For me – someone who’d flown enough miles to know the location of every outlet inside Continental’s frequent flier lounge – it felt like I was flying for the first time.

I had come prepared. I’d quizzed all of my friends with kids to find out what to expect in-flight. I’d rehearsed every moment of the entire process – from check-in to deplaning – and carefully packed my carry-on for any contingency. I even prepared little packets of ear plugs and chocolate for anyone sitting next to me and my newborn. My husband thought this was particularly ridiculous, so much so that he photographed my I’m-sorry-for-my crying-baby packets as evidence of my overblown fear. (Evidence admitted below).

 in-flight apology

And then, of course, nothing went as planned. It didn’t go poorly, I just realized that there’s only so much you can do to ensure a smooth flight when there’s a kiddo in your arms. Like much of what has followed in my short tenure as a parent, I had to cede my need for control and just go with it.

 As many of you know, it was on that flight that the idea for the Zo&Co TravelTote came to me. My 8-week-old daughter was sleeping peacefully in my arms and all I wanted was a bite of the energy bar I’d packed in my carry-on. To bend over to reach it would risk waking her up – and I wasn’t crazy enough to do that. ‘Isn’t there something that could fit on the seat back pocket,’ I thought, ‘to hold the stuff I really need?’ How awesome to have a spot for everything I needed that was clean and close at hand.

The rest is, as they say, history. I shared my idea with my mom, we sketched out a schematic and she created our first prototype. We were on our way.

That’s the story of our company’s beginnings – not so different from many others out there, I bet. And today marks a new beginning too, as we launch our blog, The Cheery Traveler. It’ll include travel news and tips, some inspiration to get out there and see the world, and our musings on life as a couple of female entrepreneurs figuring it out as we go. As with the best things in life, it’ll be a little of what we planned, and a lot of what happens along the way. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

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