Travel envy

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Travel envy. I've got a serious case of it. 

I went to a party this weekend for a friend who is taking a year off and traveling around the world. She bought one of those unlimited-stops tickets where the only stipulation is you have to fly in the same direction for the duration of the trip, and start and finish in the same place. She's leaving at the end of the month, traveling west to see the world. 

And then I read this article today about "well-traveled families" who take their kids on everything from treks in Nepal to year-long service missions on floating hospitals. Not that I really want to do either of those things, but it sure did remind me of all of the great trips I've been on and the ones I dream of taking in the future. 

So I thought, what the heck, why don't I plan my around-the-world itinerary? If I were heading out (with my husband and daughter) for a year long adventure, where would I go? Here's the rough agenda:

  • Start in Bora Bora: Sure, I've been there before, but it was our honeymoon. We have to go back for sentimental reasons. And why not hop to a few of the more remote Polynesian islands while we're there?
  • On to Fiji: Why not? 
  • New Zealand: If all goes according to (imagined) plan, we'll be there over New Years to enjoy the "summer" and be some of the first people to ring in the year. 
  • Australia: I have a dear friend in Perth, and I haven't yet met either of her kiddos. That's a must-stop. And of course Sydney and Melbourne - I've gotta see them both. 
  • Cambodia: My husband and I went to Vietnam a few years back and totally regretted not visiting Cambodia. This is our (hypothetical) chance. 
  • Thailand: I might be the only person I know who hasn't been. 
  • India: I traveled here for work about a decade ago and have longed to go back ever since. Definitely Bombay, Rajasthan then a stop in Goa to enjoy the Indian Ocean.
  • Kenya and Tanzania: What round-the-world trip is complete without an African stop?
  • Belgrade, Serbia: My dear Aunt Joy lives here, and by this point in our trip we will need a little family love and comfort. 
  • Copenhagen: This one has been on my list for a long time.
  • Amsterdam: Yet another city I know I will love - if I can just get there.
  • London: An old, dear friend deserves a visit.
  • Iceland: Who doesn't want to say they've been to Iceland?
  • Brazil: Rio? Sao Paulo? I don't really know enough about Brazil to know where I would want to go - just that I want to go.
  • Buenos Aires: My hairstylist would kill me if I didn't go to Buenos Aires. And I think I'd probably regret it too.
  • Nicaragua: We'll hit those fabled beaches for some quiet down-time before we head home. 
  • Home! Just thinking about that trip made me eager to get home. I think that's the best part of travel (even the imaginary kind): it makes you remember that home really is the best place.

I'm not sure that 2012 will be the year I'll visit any of these destinations, but just writing them down makes me smile in anticipation of the time when (God willing) I just might see this places, and share them with the people I love best.

Here's to getting out there...

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