Long-haulin' it with kids

Posted by Stacy Baas on June 20, 2012 0 Comments

I know I just posted about travel that's close to home, but sometimes you've just gotta go...far away. And sometimes you have to take your kids. 

That's why I really appreciated this article (found on MSNBC, but originally from Conde Nast Traveler) with "7 Tips for surviving a long haul flight with kids." No, it didn't mention the TravelTote, but it did have some good, smart advice about getting through the ups and downs of crossing continents and oceans with a kiddo in tow. I most appreciated that the author takes a "roll with it" approach. Realizing your kid won't beat jet-lag in one night, nor will he/she be a perfect angel for the entire duration of a 12 hour flight is essential. Oh, and count on the airlines (or the weather) to let you down, too. The takeaway? It's all in your attitude...and the snacks, of course. 

Read it here and add your tips in our comments if you've got 'em.

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