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Zo&Co TravelTote accessory


I'm heading out tomorrow with my two-year-old to visit my family in Missouri. It's not a very long flight, but it's just the two of us flying together, so I've been brainstorming what to bring to keep her occupied and happy during the flight. Here's what I've packed:

- Stickers: the restickable kind so we can "decorate" our seat and then clean up easily after

- Notepad and pen: Zoe loves to be a big kid and write "notes." That's gotta take up 10 minutes of flight time, right?

- Supplies for making Cheerio necklaces: Yarn, big soft needles and lots and lots of Cheerios. Snack time and craft time combined!

- Barbie Band-Aids: It takes little fingers a while to get these guys open and ready for owwies. I figure we can play a solid game of "nurse" with these. BTW, she chose Barbie, not me. 

- Headphones: For the iPad that's in my other TravelTote, loaded with Elmo videos and ready to go. I got the headphones for $2 the last time I flew Virgin America, but they're a bit too big for my little one's noggin, so I wrapped a bunch of stylish ribbon around the top to keep them in place. Should look fabulous with the Barbie Band-Aids. 

Snacks!!!: Fruit leather, fruit chews, Clif Z Bars...those are just a few of the "treats" I've hidden here and throughout my carry-on luggage. You can never have too many snacks, I don't care what that Bringing up Bebe lady and all of those French mothers have to say about it.

Wish us luck! We'll report on the outcome when the dust settles.

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