A new vacation tradition

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Nerd-alert: I once read 5 books on a 6-day vacation. 

I know what you're thinking: "WEAK. You couldn't read just one more and go 6-for-6?" Well, I would have, if I hadn't been distracted by a giant swarm of gnats. Yes, you read that right: A GIANT SWARM OF GNATS. This and other ridiculous stories from my travels will one day be published in a memoir called, I Came, I Got Injured, I Limped Home.

But I digress. This post is about the books, not the gnats. 

I never leave for vacation without at least two books in my bag (or on my iPad), because reading a great book is the best form of relaxation I can imagine. And the great thing is that the book becomes a part of my memories of the place itself. I watched the tide come in on Vancouver Island while reading Sense and Sensibility, gobbled up Tender is the Night, along with a whole lot of pasta in Tuscany, and let Graham Greene's The Quiet American guide me around the streets of Saigon. Name a place, I'll tell you the book I read while I was there.

I didn't realize until we returned from our most recent vacation that my 2-year-old daughter's bookshelf is becoming a repository for vacation memories too. Even if she can't remember when she first read Seashore Baby, I'll picture our own little beach babe in Santa Barbara. And that new Elmo book of hers will always remind me (and hopefully her) of cuddle time with her grandmother by the Russian River.

I think we have a new tradition on our hands. Choosing a special new book for every vacation, and marking it as such with a note and a photo from the vacation where it was read. One day, she'll have a bookshelf of vacation memories.

What are your traditions for creating vacation memories?

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