Grown-up getaways: Part 2

Posted by Stacy Baas on November 20, 2012 0 Comments

Today: More thoughts on (happily!) leaving your kids to go for a grown-up vacation. Part 1 was about making sure your kids survive the time apart, and this installment is all about guaranteeing you enjoy yourself too. I know, who needs tips for enjoying themselves? I did, on my first time away from my daughter. I’d forgotten what it was like to be away from her, and I needed some help getting re-accustomed to the world of both-hands-free travel. A few things that eased my separation anxiety and helped me get back in the groove:

Embracing the joys and ease of traveling sans children. Everyone thinks flying is tedious, stressful and exhausting before they have kids. Then kids come into the picture and that feeling is multiplied by 100. Suddenly, the idea of flying alone sounds like a spa day. It’s all about perspective.

Do you love a good gossip magazine? Buy 3 and toss them in your TravelTote when you board the plane. An overpriced Bloody Mary on the flight? Go for it. A shoe shine in the airport? Why not? Take advantage of the small pleasures of traveling – they’re the ones you won’t get the next time you’re on the road with your kids.

Do something you used to do before you had kids. For my husband and me, it’s hiking. The Zo(e) in Zo&Co is too big to carry and too little to walk farther than a ¼ mile. So whenever my husband and I get time away together, we try to hit a trail. It’s easy for us to fall into the rhythm of it, and before we know it we remember what it’s like to be alone together. What’s the thing that makes you feel like you?  Do it. If you don’t accomplish anything else on your trip, you’ll have fed your soul.

Stay up past your bedtime. One of the crazy things I realized about a year into being a parent is that I was never outside after dark. The universal rule of parenthood seems to be that you put your kids to bed and then you collapse on the couch. And even when you do go out after dark, you can’t stay out past your babysitter’s curfew. It’s time to remind yourself how interesting the world is after dark. It’s more mysterious, exciting and even, yes, romantic. So push on past 11pm, then…

Allow plenty of time for sleeping in. Unless your kids are in their teens and effectively sleeping ‘til noon every weekend, you are likely not staying in bed past 7am most days. This is your big chance. Put in the ear plugs, don the sleep mask and don’t plan any morning activities before 10am. Sweet, sweet bliss.

Now it’s your turn…what are your best tips for travel sans kids? Tell us in the comments below.

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